XXL Nestable drums

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More volume. Better performance.

Last year, a large pharma player reached out to CurTec to develop a new package for high end pharmaceuticals. They were looking for large capacity containers that would reduce the cost of storing empties. Naturally, CurTec accepted the challenge and came up with a fitting solution.

Discover the new nestables

Today we are proud to add two new large volume drums (120 and 150 liters) to our High Performance Packaging range. The XXL Nestable drums lower the cost of storing and shipping empty drums. CurTec also improved the screw lid closure by making it quarter-turn. Closing and opening a drum is now more easy, safe and straightforward.

If you are a pharma or specialty chemical professional looking to improve shipping density or enhance  your company’s supply chain performance , these new fully certified drums are likely to help you achieve your goals.

The new XXL nestable drums are currently used to pack and ship high-quality salts. Would you like to learn more about adding  value to your pharma packaging chain? Then let us help you.

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