Calculating product carbon footprints

Reducing emissions in our value chain to net zero figures prominently in our sustainability strategy. To achieve this goal, we have committed to understanding the environmental impact of our products. CurTec is now able to calculate the carbon footprint of its products.

To gain insight into the environmental impact of the products we market, CurTec has conducted a life cycle analysis (LCA) of its best-selling product, from material extraction to end-of-life. These calculations were uploaded to an LCA tool that allows us to calculate the carbon footprint of all other products in our portfolio. Creating transparency by providing carbon footprint data to customers is after all also something we have committed to.

Would you like to:

  • Know the environmental impact of your product in a CurTec packaging?
  • Calculate your scope 3 emissions?
  • Report on emissions due to regulations or sustainability supplier programs?

Please submit your request and we will be happy to provide you with specific carbon footprint data of CurTec products.

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