Plastic jars with screw lid

Plastic jars with screw lids are highly prized in industries such as the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and food ingredients, due to their functionality and versatility. These jars are available with two different closure types, in various materials and as a UV-safe version.

Two types of closures

Plastic jars with screw lids are available in eight capacity sizes between 300 and 2500 ml and with two different closure types: a plastic jar with screw lid and inner lid and a plastic jar with screw lid with integrated gasket.

Plastic jars with screw lids are available with two closure types

Water vapor and leak-tight

There is a difference in seal between the two closure types. Both versions offer protection against moisture penetration, but the screw lid with integrated seal is also leak-proof. Product spoilage due to moisture and loss of liquid contents is easy to prevent.

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CurTec is a GMP-certified packaging company and the production process guarantees plastic jars with screw lids that are optically clean. Contamination of valuable contents can therefore be avoided, as can residues, because the inner wall is completely smooth.

Plastic pots have a smooth inner wall

UN certified plastic pots

Bearing a UN mark is an important condition that packaging must meet when you want to transport dangerous goods by road, rail, water or air. All plastic jars with screw lids are UN certified (1H2) and suitable for goods from packing groups I, II and III. Dangerous goods are well preserved and arrive safely at their destination.

Make tampering with content visible

Plastic jars with screw lids are also protected against tampering with the contents. Each lid has an integrated tear-off strip, which makes unwanted interventions immediately visible and gives users a feeling of safety and reliability.

A torn seal strip indicates tampering

Last but not least, screw lid jars are made of food-grade plastic. Food ingredients and products can be packaged smoothly and safely. The food contact status of plastic jars can be derived from our Regulatory Affairs Data Sheet (RADS).

UV barrier

Many chemicals and pharmaceuticals are sensitive to UV light and lose their properties when exposed to natural or artificial UV rays. The most common and simple way to create a barrier against UV light is with color. UV safe plastic jars with screw lids are part of the range.

UV safe jars with screw lids

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Plant-based jars with screw lid

We also have an answer to the demand for sustainable packaging: plant-based jars with screw lids, also known as biobased jars, are made from plastic from a renewable source, from sugar cane in our case. This packaging contributes to reducing the ecological impact of a supply chain.

For users who want to use plastic jars with screw lids as primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, there is a version made of pharma grade plastic and colorant. This version meets the requirements of the European and US Pharmacopoeia.

Pharma Grade screw lid jars

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