Oral solid dosage

What is oral solid dosage (OSD)?

Oral solid dosage refers to pharmaceutical formulations that are taken by mouth in solid form, such as tablets, capsules or powders. These dosage forms are intended to be ingested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, enabling the systematic release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient into the body.

Oral solid dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules, are often preferred for medication delivery due to their ease of use, accurate dosing, stability and shelf life. And to guarantee the stability and shelf life during the intended lifespan, good packaging is necessary.

Oral solid dosage manufacturing

Why bulk packaging for OSD?

CurTec supplies bulk packaging for oral solid dosage forms that can be used between production and final dosage packaging to protect them against moisture, physical impact and unwanted interventions. When solid dosage forms are not packaged immediately for consumption, bulk packaging plays an essential role in maintaining quality.

Properties and advantages

CurTec drums, pails and jars can be used as bulk packaging for oral solid dosage forms and offer specific properties and advantages:

  • Plastic bulk packaging provides a barrier against moisture ingress thanks to a high-performance seal: softening of tablets and hardening or caking of powders can be avoided
  • The solid construction is not weakened by environmental factors such as moisture or light and provides protection against shock loads during transport and storage: flaking, breakage or crushing can be prevented, keeping tablets and capsules pristine
  • All bulk packaging is sealable and thus contributes to the safety and visibility of their contents: unwanted and uncontrolled interventions can be prevented or at least made visible with a simple tamper-evident facility

Oral solid doses are packed in bulk tablet drums

Certified and reliable

CurTec pays a lot of attention to and gives constant care to quality control and management. Plastic bulk packaging is highly certified and meets current industry standards, such as those of the FDA, USP and Ph. Eur., which creates confidence among existing and new users. In addition, CurTec is a GMP-certified packaging company, which simplifies and accelerates the integration of CurTec packaging into existing processes.

Are you a manufacturer of oral solid dosage forms and do you recognize the problems surrounding bulk packaging? Let us help you find a packaging solution.

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