Cell culture media

What is cell culture?

Cell culture is a common laboratory technique used in various fields of biology and biotechnology to grow cells and maintain them outside their natural environment (in vivo). (Cell) culture media play a critical role in the success of cell culture techniques by providing the essential nutrients, growth factors, and environmental conditions required to support cell survival and growth.

What are culture media?

Culture media, also known as growth media, are nutrient-rich substances used to support the growth and maintenance of microorganisms, cells, or tissues in a controlled environment. Common components of culture media include amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, basic and trace elements, inorganic salts, hormones, serum, buffering systems, and antibiotics.

Cell culture media

Bulk packaging solutions for culture media

Like any other complex mixture of chemicals, culture media require reliable (bulk) packaging that protects them during storage and shipping. Over the years, CurTec has gained many customers from the (cell) culture media sector that value our high performance packaging solutions.

Among them companies that produce culture media as well as the components of which culture media are made (such as peptides, enzymes and yeast extracts) and companies that leverage cell culture and  biotechnology to create innovative ingredients aimed at the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Why do customers buy CurTec packaging?

Quality, reliability and cleanliness are important reasons for culture media producers and users to purchase CurTec’s screw lid drums, pails and jars. More specifically to:

  • Prevent contamination of valuable contents
  • Comply with relevant pharma and food safety regulations
  • Avoid powder caking and clumping
  • Make tampering with contents visible

Packo pot with cell culture medium

But also for less obvious reasons such as:

  • Ease of handling
  • Reusability
  • Image and design

Quality management and control

CurTec invests a lot time and money quality management and control. Plastic bulk packaging is highly certified and meets current industry standards, such as those of the FDA, USP and Ph. Eur., which creates confidence among existing and new users. CurTec is also a GMP-certified packaging company, which simplifies and accelerates the integration of CurTec packaging into existing processes.

Are you a manufacturer of (cell) culture media or do you use them to create innovative food ingredients or pharmaceuticals? Let us help you find an effective bulk packaging solution.

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