Packaging A Better Future

For years now, CurTec has been carefully designing and manufacturing plastic packaging that is suitable for multiple use. Over the years creating high performance packaging with the lowest possible use of natural resources and energy consumption has become our standard. Inspiring users to re-use, and to dispose of our packaging in a responsible way became part of our communication.

Today we believe that it is not just the design and the careful use of quality resources that make our products sustainable, it is also working to ensure that the processes CurTec is involved in are harmless to our precious planet. We consider this our environmental responsibility.


A few years back, CurTec decided to participate in EcoVadis - a platform that provides business sustainability ratings. At the moment, CurTec ranks among the top 5% of all the companies that participate in this global network. A wonderful achievement but that does not mean we can sit back and relax.

New Mission and Vision

After reconsidering and articulating our environmental sustainability beliefs, we have rewritten our corporate mission and vision:

Mission: "To create sustainable high performance packaging solutions for high value materials in demanding environments."

Vision: "To grow and innovate with circularity in mind and see each day as an opportunity to improve ourselves and inspire others. By 2030, we aim to achieve a net zero value chain and play a key role in the operational and sustainability goals of our partners."

As a producer of plastic packaging, we want to take ownership and responsibility, and have therefore set ambitious targets which are linked to the UN’s recognized framework of Sustainable Development Goals.


The socio-economic challenges surrounding the use of petroleum affect us as a plastics processing company in particular: fossil based raw materials are depleting and their use can cause  global warming and extensive pollution. Achieving our first goal involves teaming up with suppliers to work towards:

Reducing Emissions In Our Value Chain To Net Zero

This means by 2025 we

  • Become climate positive in our operations by:
    • Investing in energy efficiency measures to reduce scope 1 & 2 emissions
    • Generating renewable electricity
    • Off-setting remaining emissions
  • Engage with our suppliers to set science-based carbon reduction targets (SBTi)
  • Choose low-carbon logistics

And by 2030 we

Health & Well-Being

Besides minimizing the environmental impact of our business, we also focus on our commitment towards the people and communities that are involved in creating our high performance packaging. Only through their knowledge, skill and enthusiasm will CurTec continue to deliver excellence. With this in mind want to:

Make A Positive Impact On The Health, Safety And Well-Being Of Our People

By 2025 we

  • Create a proactive safety culture
  • Invest in our people through:
    • Long-term learning and development programs
    • Well-being initiatives and facilities

And by 2030 we

  • Create a progressive safety culture
  • Build a future-proof workforce
  • Become recognized as best employer of our sector

Circularity & Partnerships

Inspiring customers to reuse and recycle CurTec packaging is fantastic and is already happening on a limited scale. The ultimate goal is to realize circular business models together with customers and suppliers. We will:

Work With Our Partners On The Transition To A Circular Packaging Industry

By 2025 we

  • Increase reusage and recycling of our packaging
  • Replace virgin material inflow with biobased and recycled materials
  • Actively invest in smart product designs

And by 2030 we

  • Implement circular business models with our partners
  • Design for sustainability

Looking Forward

CurTec aims for positive change within the plastic packaging industry. We are constantly improving our business, experimenting and working to inspire others. Check our newsroom to follow us on our sustainability journey.


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