Our sustainability journey

CurTec supplies packaging to demanding markets and has therefore always strived for the highest standards with regard to operational management and quality. In the past 20 years, we have succeeded in obtaining important certifications, including in the fields of the environment, energy and ethical business practices.


CurTec obtains the ISO 14001 certificate (environmental management)


CurTec meets the requirements of the Dutch government's energy efficiency plan (MJA3-EEP)


CurTec's Supplier Code of Conduct addresses the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals


CurTec belongs to EcoVadis top 5% + obtains the ISO 15378 certificate and becomes a GMP certified packaging company


CurTec monitors the sustainability performance of its suppliers


CurTec takes the first step towards a net-zero strategy


CurTec belongs to Ecovadis top 2% + launches “Packaging a better future”


CurTec obtains the ISO 50001 certificate (energy management) + belongs to Ecovadis top 5% + implements the sustainability roadmap


CurTec applies to the Science Based Target initative + CurTec's net zero targets are accepted.


CurTec aligns the sustainability roadmap with its net zero targets

Nevertheless, environmental and social responsibility extends beyond standards and certificates. Our new corporate mission and vision express how we want to build a sustainable future.

Sustainability at CurTec

We envision a future where we grow and innovate with circularity in mind and see each day as an opportunity to improve ourselves and inspire others. By 2050, we aim to achieve a net zero value chain and play a key role in the operational and sustainability goals of our partners.

We will achieve our mission and make our vision a reality by executing our sustainability roadmap by 2050. Sustainability at CurTec entails concrete goals related to:


& wellbeing

& partnerships

The first pillar represents the ambition to bring emissions to net zero across our entire value chain. The second pillar includes the ambition to have a positive impact on the health, safety and well-being of our people. The third pillar represents the ambition to work with partners on the transition to a circular packaging industry.

The goals under climate, health & wellbeing and, circularity & partnerships reflect topics that are material to CurTec when considering its organization, business activities and entire value chain.


CurTec has anchored sustainability on a strategic and organizational level. Our SBTi net zero ambition is one of our 4 strategic long-term goals. As such, each department is held responsible for achieving this ambition.

At the organizational level, we have appointed a sustainability officer to manage the mission and collaborate with all departments to realize the ambitions. This role falls under the QESH department and is supported by a group of green-thinking colleagues: the CurTec Green Team.

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