Active pharmaceutical ingredients

What are active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)?

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are the basis of pharmaceutical drugs and serve as the main agents responsible for delivering therapeutic effects to patients. APIs interact directly with biological targets to produce the desired physiological response. Whether it concerns pain relief, inhibiting inflammation or tackling specific pathogens, APIs are responsible for the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients can take different forms, such as liquids, powders, crystals and extracts. The quality of the active ingredients in a drug has a direct effect on the safety and efficacy of that drug. Poorly manufactured and contaminated active ingredients can cause negative health effects, including death. Plastic (bulk) packaging, as part of GMP, plays an important role in preserving and guaranteeing the quality of APIs after production.

APIs ensure that a drug is effective

Clean, safe and certified bulk packaging

APIs in solid format (powders) are often sensitive to moisture, should not come into contact with other chemicals and typically dislike any form of contamination. Clean bulk packaging, made of food-safe material with a barrier against moisture, is therefore preferred by the industry. CurTec drums, pails and jars fulfill these criteria.

Properties and advantages of API bulk packaging

CurTec drums, pails and jars can be used as API bulk packaging and offer specific properties and advantages:

  • Plastic bulk packaging offers a moisture vapor tight closure through a rubber gasket in the lids: hardening or caking of powders can be prevented
  • All drums, pails and jars are food safe: the plastic does not release any harmful chemicals of foreign agents that could contaminate contents
  • All bulk packaging is sealable and contribute to the safety and visibility of their contents: unwanted and uncontrolled interventions can be prevented or at least made visible with a simple tamper-evident facility
  • CurTec packaging is optically-clean: contamination of valuable APIs can be avoided

APIs are filled in a screw lid drum

Certified and reliable

CurTec puts great effort and dedication into quality control and management. Plastic high performance packaging is highly certified and meets current industry standards, such as those of the FDA, USP and Ph. Eur., which helps to create trust and credibility with existing and new users. Additionally, CurTec is a GMP-certified packaging company, which simplifies and accelerates the integration of CurTec packaging into existing processes.

Are you manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients and do you recognize the packaging requirements? Then challenge CurTec to find the right solution.

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