Drums and pails made of recycled plastic

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Over the past year, we have worked hard to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging that helps reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains worldwide. CurTec is pleased to present Wide Neck Drums and Click Pack pails that are made of recycled plastic and fulfil that need.

These brand new UN certified packaging products contain between 50 and 70 percent mechanically recycled HDPE that sources from both industrial (e.g. vegetable crates) and consumer plastics (e.g. shampoo bottles). With the exception of food safety, they offer exactly the same benefits as high performance packaging made of virgin HDPE.

Recycled Wide Neck Drums and Click Packs

Discover recycled Wide Neck Drums

Sustainable packaging

Last year, CurTec rewrote its sustainability vision and has taken on a number of commitments in various areas, in particular the following:

  • Climate: Become net-zero by 2030
  • Circularity: Replace fossil-based virgin inflow with more sustainable alternatives
  • Partnerships: Work with our partners towards a circular packaging industry

The launch of drums and pails made of recycled plastic is a first step towards fulfilling the above commitments.

Discover recycled Click Pack pails

Some plastic recycling facts

Post-consumer plastic products are cleaned and grinded into granulate with which CurTec produces high-quality UN-certified packaging. Mechanical recycling is the most environmentally friendly recycling method available today.

Post-consumer plastic products

Recycled plastics generally have a lower climate impact because:

  • Fewer fossil resources are needed for its production
  • Recycling waste streams emits less carbon than producing new raw materials
  • Recycling plastics offers a solution for the global plastic waste problem

In Europe, only 30% of all plastics are currently recycled. We need a significant increase of this number in order to tackle the global plastic waste issue and so that more plastics converting companies can reduce their carbon impact.

Recycle and… reuse

There is more to solving the global plastic waste crisis than switching to products from recycled plastic. CurTec drums, pails and jars have been carefully designed and manufactured and are most suitable for multiple use. The choice to use them more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

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