Plastic pails with lids

CurTec supplies plastic pails with lids for the storage and shipping of pharmaceutical products, specialty chemicals and food ingredients. CurTec packaging distinguishes itself by being quick and easy to handle thanks to its unique closures. Our pails with screw lids and press-on lids are no exception.

Screw or press-on

Plastic pails with lids are conical and have a round or square opening. Round plastic pails have a screw lid, square pails have a press-on lid and some pails have a screw lid that can be pressed on. All closures are characterized by the fact that they can be closed and opened quickly, easily and multiple times.

Click Pack pails can be opened and closed with a quarter turn

Making tampering visible

After closing, plastic pails with lids can be sealed so that tampering with the often valuable contents becomes visible. Sealing pins, integrated sealing pins and tear-off strips provide the necessary security during storage and transport.

Reduce logistics costs

Empty plastic pails with tapered walls can be stacked inside each other. This increases efficiency during transport and storage and leads to lower logistics costs. Square pails provide additional savings because they make better use of the surface area of a pallet.

Square pails contribute to pallet efficiency

UN certified pails with lids

A UN marking is international and symbolizes the safe transport of dangerous goods. All plastic pails with screw and press-on lids are UN certified for hazardous solids.

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Moisture control with plastic pails

The screw and press-on lids of our plastic pails are manufactured using two-component injection molding technology and have an integrated rubber seal. The rubber seal protects the valuable contents against the uncontrolled moisture vapor ingress and ultimately prevents product spoilage. All CurTec pails with screw and push-on lids are tested for moisture vapor transmission and the results are certified.

Pail lids with integrated seal prevent moisture vapor ingress

Sustainable plastic pails with screw lid

CurTec pails are designed in such a way that they require as little raw material and energy as possible during production. Moreover, they are reusable. Reuse of such plastic screw lid pails is responsible and sustainable.

To meet the demand for packaging that can reduce the ecological footprint of a supply chain, CurTec has developed screw lid pails made of recycled plastic. Recycled pails consist of mechanically recycled plastic of both industrial and consumer origin.

Screw lid pail made of recycled plastic

Are you not satisfied with your current bulk packaging for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals or food ingredients and would you like to discover the added value of CurTec pails with screw and press-on lids?

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