UN testing shows packaging has grit

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CurTec drums, pails and jars are regularly dropped from a great height, in a variety of temperature conditions – from ambient to extreme cold – and many positions – on the base, the side and diagonally on the lid. Why?

Packaging sometimes suffers severe impact before arriving at its destination. Containers are exposed to all kinds of mechanical forces during transport, storage and actual use. Shipments that fail and leak before arrival negatively impact everyone’s profit and reputation – especially when the goods are hazardous. Therefore all hazmat packaging is submitted to extensive testing to UN standards during certification.

UN tests

These UN tests are designed to approximate worst case shipping conditions as closely as possible. Packs are often stacked during shipping and in the warehouse for long periods. The lower packs in a stack must be able to carry the load above it. Sudden maneuvers can also cause a container to loosen, break free and even tip over. Stacking and drop tests by an acknowledged institute are therefore a mandatory part of the UN certification.

Nearly all CurTec packaging is UN certified and suitable for shipping hazardous solids. In order to maintain UN markings, CurTec conducts stacking and drop tests during each production run. For this purpose, CurTec has invested in the necessary equipment.

CurTec drum in a UN stacking test

Stacking and drop tests

Passing a stacking test proves that a packaging can support the equivalent weight of a 3 meter high stack of filled packs for 24 hours without leaking afterwards. During a drop test, a container is dropped in various positions from a height of 1.8 meters and cannot leak afterwards. Once a year the container is frozen to -18°C, which makes the drop test particularly demanding.

UN testing is the gold standard for any container. A UN marking (1H2) is proof of the initial suitability and strength of the design and of the ongoing integral quality of each production run.

Proof of UN accreditation

UN certification is just one part of CurTec’s total quality program. Please consult the Regulatory Affairs Data Sheet for a full list of our many other certifications and contact Inside Sales for a copy of our UN certification report.

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