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Fold Pack is our latest packaging innovation that increases pallet efficiency and shortens handling time - thanks to straight shapes and a new, smart closure type. If you want to reduce your supply chain costs effectively, this new packaging can help you.

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Fold Pack is a square container that can be stacked together thanks to its tapered shape. The packaging can be closed by “folding the lid around the rim of the container” and clicking it into place.

New shape, new closure

Fold Pack has straight shapes so that hardly any space is lost on a pallet. The volume on a pallet can be used almost completely, resulting in logistical cost savings compared to, for example, round packaging. In addition, Fold Pack is nestable, which means that more empty packaging can be stored and transported on a pallet.

Shaped to utilize a pallet more efficiently and designed to reduce handling time

Closing and opening is quick and easy: the lid's integrated handles fold around the edge of the container and lock into place. With one action Fold Pack is closed water vapor tight and sealed tamper evident and the UN mark is valid.

Broad price/quality spectrum

CurTec creates sustainable high-performance packaging solutions for high-performance materials in demanding industries such as pharma and specialty chemicals. Fold Pack is designed for products with a broad price/quality spectrum that require the security and reliability of certified CurTec packaging.

All benefits at a glance

  • Volume efficient due to straight shapes and tapered design
  • Quick and easy to use thanks to lockable press-on closure
  • Prevents damage due to moisture penetration
  • Makes tampering visible
  • Protects hazmat

More product details

Request a free sample today and convince yourself. Delivery starts in August.

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