CurTec expands production to the US

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More milestones

October 19, 2023

Drop testing equipment

We recently added drop testing equipment to carry out in-house UN tests. Carrying out a (cold) drop test is a mandatory part of every production run. B&R's new installation resembles the system used in Rijen and ensures that we can test reliably and safely.

New team members

Since the grand opening in May, we have welcomed new team members: Cheryl Childress was hired to assist both the sales and operations teams as a customer service and administrative assistant. Dalton Acree was brought on to help us with the facilities and preventive maintenance.


In recent months, the Ops team has completed all job-related training so that they can carry out their work with the necessary knowledge and in complete safety. The sales team also regularly shares information about and experiences with customers so that they are better able to operate customer-oriented and efficiently.


A grand opening

May 17, 2023

Last week we proudly celebrated the opening of our US facility in Westminster, SC with a reception, tours and lunch. Attendees included government officials, contractors and suppliers, neighbors and, of course, the CurTec USA team, who were joined by delegates from the Netherlands. What a delightful and memorable day!

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During a short ceremony, CEO Bart van Berkel informed the guests what prompted the construction of CurTec USA and what role the new factory plays in our growth strategy. Site Director Steve Verschaeve then went on to report on the construction work and thanked all those present who contributed to the building process.

After the official ribbon cutting, everybody was invited to take a tour of the facility and to socialize over lunch. Thank you Leslie and team from 313 Café for spoiling us with some delicious Dutch food specialties.


We're GMP certified!

May 10, 2023

Last Monday we successfully completed the first phase of the FSSC 22000 certification. The final audit will take place in September. Yesterday we also successfully completed the GMP audit and CurTec USA can now call itself a GMP certified packaging company.

The grand opening will take place in a few hours. Meanwhile we have already raised our banners…


Certified packaging

April 18, 2023

Now that the installation of the machines is as good as completed, everything will revolve around certification of quality (management) systems in the coming weeks.

A total of five audits are carried out from March to June, three of which we have already successfully completed:

  • UN authorization (so that we can produce UN certified packaging)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management)
  • FSSC 22000 (Food Safety) - certification planned for early June
  • ISO 15378 (GMP) – certification planned early May

The auditors have responded positively to the new production site in Westminster. They recognize that we have a mature quality management system and are pleased to see that it has been applied in exactly the same way in the US with support and management from the Netherlands.

Just like in the Netherlands, we also procure knowledge about relevant laws and regulations in the US so that we are always aware of what is going on now and in the future. American environmental legislation, for example, differs from state to state and the themes between the Netherlands and the US are sometimes really different in terms of content. We are therefore pleased with our partner Goldie Associates who guides us in complying with these complex regulations.

There has also been an exchange of employees in recent months. Various production employees have been to the Netherlands for training and the other team members have been trained locally by employees from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the grand opening on May 10th.


Installing the machines

March 9, 2023

The building has undergone quite a transformation in recent weeks. For example, the crane and all doors around the production area have been installed, drywall has been completed and painted, and the concrete in the production area has been polished. Projects in the office area included the installation of heat/air system, office lighting, fire suppression system, and the grid for the ceiling tiles.

Last week, the first team from the Netherlands and Austria also arrived to supervise and assist with the installation of the Bekum extrusion blow molding machine. Nearly ten truckloads of equipment were unloaded at the warehouse and then sequentially moved to the production floor and assembled over the next several days. At the end of the week, the head and platform were installed and the installation of the robot and safety fences completed.

In the coming weeks, the focus will be on power supply, completion of the process piping and installation of compressor and chilled water systems.

In addition, the installation and leveling of the Engel injection molding machine will start this week, after which reinforcements will arrive from Europe next week for further installation and finishing.

We’re also still hiring people to complete our US production team. Please check our careers website for job openings.


Interior works

February 10, 2023

After having endured quite a bit of rain, the weather has cleared up and we could continue the work on the site. The ramp to the expedition has now been constructed so that the machines can be brought in by the end of the month.

Furthermore, the works on the interior are also in an advanced stage. The production area is almost ready and the floor will be polished in two weeks. According to planning, we can start using the hall by the end of the month. The first weeks of March are reserved for installing and testing the first two machines.

We’re also still hiring people to complete our US production team. Please check our careers website for job openings.


The Plant Is Coming Together

December 14, 2022

With the strong support of Hogan Construction Group and Agracel, Inc., CurTec remains on schedule to start production in spring 2023. The roof has been completed and they’re working on wall completion before the end of the year. Then the work on the interior can start.

Meanwhile Project Director Steve Verschaeve has started putting together a team. We’re still looking for motivated and skilled individuals to complete our US production team. Please check our careers website for job openings.


The Floor Is Ours

September 30, 2022

Two weeks ago, the Management Team of CurTec paid a visit to the construction site in Westminster, SC. Bart, Roy, Niels and Claudia together with Steve Verschaeve witnessed the completion of the foundation construction process. The total construction will take another three months.

Yesterday Joeri (Engineering Manager) and Roy (Operations Director) visited the Bekum and Engel factories in Austria where the machines for the American factory are being built. These will be shipped to Westminster by the end of this year and are scheduled to be commissioned in early 2023.


Breaking Ground

July 5, 2022

Last week, Project Director Steve Verschaeve, Sales Director Sean Connolly and Operations Director Roy Kuipers, accompanied by two Agracel officials, broke ground which symbolized the start of constructing the US production facility in Westminster, SC.

Breaking ground

Construction will take roughly six months and with machines and molds on order in line with the construction plans, we will probably start production in April 2023.


Choosing The Site

March 16, 2022

CurTec has decided to realize a new production location in the United States. Last December we traveled to Oconee County (South Carolina) to select a site for building the new factory. The opening is planned for spring 2023.

CurTec Management accompanied by Oconee County officials

The site is part of the Oconee Industrial & Technology Park, consists of 24 acres (100,000 m2) and is strategically located towards customers, suppliers, talent and transportation. It will be CurTec’s first production location outside The Netherlands and will serve as the main production facility for North America. The new 33,000 sq./ft. (3,000 m2) facility marks the next phase of international growth and can easily accommodate future expansion.

CEO Bart van Berkel: “Over the past years, we have seen a strong increase in demand for High Performance Packaging by pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and food ingredients customers in North America. By starting manufacturing in the US, CurTec is taking the next step in strengthening our market position, increasing our service level to new and existing customers and decreasing the carbon footprint of operations.

Oconee County in South Carolina

We have explored many areas in the US and were most excited about Oconee County because of its talented workforce, strong commitment to technical education and great location. We look forward to become part of the community.”

Project Director Steve Verschaeve: “The project is making strong progress as we are in the final stages of both civil and structural designs for the facility. The machines and molds are already on order and our goal is to have the building completed by the beginning of 2023 and start production in the spring of 2023.”