New drums for high-density chemicals

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Choosing new packaging for a high-density chemical product can be a complex balancing act. Packaging must meet the legal requirements regarding protection and labelling, but cannot be too spacious in order to avoid an excessive ecological footprint and high supply chain costs. Time for product optimization!

CurTec introduces two new Wide Neck Drums with a capacity of 2.9 and 5 liters. These capacities have been developed for chemicals with a particularly high density which must be packed and labeled in accordance with the applicable European CLP regulation.

What is CLP?

CLP describes general labeling requirements to ensure the safe use and supply of hazardous substances and mixtures. In addition, packaging must be designed, manufactured and closed in such a way that accidental loss of the contents is prevented at all times.

The screw lid drum with wide neck opening has a wall (with rolling ribs) that is rounded at the top and bottom, which makes the drum very robust, strong and extremely suitable for high-density materials. However, dense materials require less volume: Appropriate capacities therefore offer too little space for the required label size and drums with sufficient label surface are too big for the quantities of product to be packaged.

3D printing metal powders

The two new capacies are optimal for materials such as 3D printing metal powders, precious metal powders and other high-density chemical materials that are supplied in smaller quantities. On the other hand, they complement the existing range in a logical manner and offer more options in the range in which CurTec is strong: small, robust packaging with UN marking.

The new sizes are also available in biobased and recycled material.

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