CurTec and COVID-19

CURTEC STATEMENT | January 3, 2022

To the worldwide CurTec community,

As your trusted supplier of High Performance Packaging, CurTec is fully aware of the vital role its products play in your supply chain and would like to inform you about our response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our people

CurTec pays a great deal of care to the health and safety of its employees. They have greatly contributed to that care by getting vaccinated in large numbers. Those who chose not to get vaccinated have been asked to show responsibility by performing a self-test twice a week. Symptomatic employees should stay home and have themselves tested.

In addition, CurTec follows the current COVID-19 guidelines from our Government, which are:

  • Keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters – both in and outside the buildings. In case maintaining a physical distance is impossible due to working conditions, wear a face mask
  • Wear a face mask when moving inside a building
  • Stay home and get tested in case you show COVID-19 symptoms – even when you are vaccinated
  • In case you test positive, stay home and avoid contact with others – even when they are vaccinated
  • Do not shake hands
  • Wash your hands often
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a mask or a tissue or use the inside of your elbow. Immediately throw away the mask or tissue and wash your hands
  • Provide fresh air in meeting rooms and on the work floor

Our employees are asked to work from home except when presence at CurTec is strictly necessary (such as in production).

CurTec’s care leave program provides tailor made solutions for employees who need to take care of  children or other family members.

Our visitors

CurTec cares about a safe work environment and wishes to keep the risk of absences due to COVID-19 as low as possible. Therefore, as of today, our COVID policy also applies to all visitors entering the plant.

CurTec welcomes fully vaccinated visitors. If you are not fully vaccinated, we ask you to do a self-test prior to your visit. If you are symptomatic, please cancel or reschedule your visit.

We ask you to comply with our COVID-19 policy on your next visit to CurTec. In addition, we ask you to share our COVID-19 policy with colleagues who (will) visit CurTec on a regular basis.

Our customers

Furthermore, CurTec is taking vital steps to keep production and supply up and running and maintain the highest level of product quality. These steps currently include:

  • Procure sufficient raw and auxiliary materials to produce our current (increased) order book
  • Secure extra raw and auxiliary materials to produce security stock
  • Secure additional storage space for new orders and security stock

Looking forward

CurTec will continue to monitor the situation closely as recommendations are changing dynamically. If necessary, additional measures will be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Meanwhile you can rely on worry-free logistics with our clean, safe and certified plastic packaging.

We thank you for your continued trust and hope you, your loved ones and colleagues are all keeping safe in these extraordinary times. We will remain at your service for further support and information,

All the best,

Bart van Berkel


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