Ensuring safety for cannabinoids

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The cannabis industry is booming, especially with legalization growing across North America and Europe. More and more companies are joining the sector and are developing new products. The industry is maturing and the call for certified quality packaging is clearly increasing.

CurTec creates sustainable plastic drums, pails and jars for high value materials in demanding environments. Thanks to our vast experience with the pharmaceutical and food industry, we are able to translate the demand from the cannabis and CBD/THC sector into certified packaging solutions that are safe, reliable and future-proof.

Worry-free logistics

To start with safety, CurTec’s robust drums, pails and jars are easy to close and open thanks to their signature screw lid closure. They provide superior protection against any form of tampering  and impact throughout the supply chain. CurTec also offers UV safe versions that block harmful UV rays and help to maintain the potency of the flowers.

Roll the drums to optimize curing of flowers buds

Curing flowers

Recent cannabis events have taught  us that CurTec drums are highly suitable for the curing of flowers. A screw lid drum is air and water vapor tight and allows to implement a controlled drying and curing process that improves the flavor and the high of cannabis buds – without transferring any odor.

Wide neck drums have been fortified with rolling ribs, which allows you to tip them over and roll the drums, for instance to remove hidden oxygen pockets and optimize curing.

Quality compliance

CurTec is a GMP certified packaging company and manufactures packaging to relevant pharma industry standards including food safety, moisture vapor transmission and UV light. Plastics have to meet the highest quality standards and are fully traceable. Certification and quality compliance provide necessary security and are part of our Total Quality Management approach.

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Ease of use

CurTec offers drums that vary in size between 3 and 150 liters (1 and 40 US gallons). Even the large versions are relatively lightweight and easy to handle with mounted handles. Thanks to the total opening, filling and emptying and removing bags (with flowers) become easy as pie. The screw lids enable safe and controlled opening and closing and are re-sealable which helps increase user-friendliness.

Plastic UV safe screw lid drums and jars for storage and shipment of cannabinoids


Last but not least: CurTec packs have been carefully designed and manufactured and are especially suitable for multiple use. The decision to use a CurTec container more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

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