Bulk packaging for 3D printing metal powders

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3D printing is rapidly growing as a means of manufacturing parts at scale. Metals make up a large portion of the worldwide additive manufacturing market, and growing investments in the 3D metal printing industry drive up the demand for metal powders considerably. The demand for quality packaging is growing at a similar pace.

CurTec is quite familiar with selling high performance packaging to metal powders industry. For many years, screw lid drums have served as containers for many types of precious metals because its properties matched the need for protection the industry requires. Today, screw lid drums and containers continue to serve as high quality mini vaults for metal powders and other advanced materials for the very same reasons: they are clean, safe and certified.

Metal powders key features

What makes a good metal powder for additive manufacturing? And what requirements do they set for packaging? Key properties of metal powders are packing density and flowability, both of which determine the physical strength and closing capacity of bulk packaging.

Packing density

Powders with a high and constant packing density provide superior production properties with fewer flaws and consistent quality. High-density metal powders require robust packaging that can contain compact yet heavy loads and protects from compression and impact during storage and transport.

Packo plastic jar for metal powders


Good flow of powders increases the efficiency of the printing process. Particle sizes vary depending on the required flowability but are usually ultra-small. Therefor metal powders require containers with a secure closure that prevents powders from escaping and moisture from entering.


CurTec’s robust plastic drums are moisture vapor tight, protect from any form of tampering, and offer superior protection against impact throughout the supply chain.

CurTec is a GMP certified packaging company and all products are manufactured to relevant industry standards including hazmat (UN regulation), moisture vapor transmission and UV light.

Screw lid drum for metal powders


Signature features include:

  • Screw lids enabling safe and controlled opening and closing
  • Wide range of capacities from 300 ml up to 150 liters
  • UN certifications with relatively high gross mass
  • Re-sealable lids
  • Lightweight and recyclable plastics

CurTec’s iconic screw top drums, pails and jars can be customized with color and contribute to brand value.


CurTec packs have been carefully designed and manufactured and are especially suitable for multiple use. The decision to use a CurTec container more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

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