Square drums make every inch count

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Square drums make every inch count

By Marc Martens

Are you looking to eliminate wasted space on your pallet? Maximizing volumetric efficiency to avoid shipping air lowers supply chain cost and may lead to sustainability gains in other life cycle stages such as warehousing. CurTec has designed a blow molded square drum that reduces empty space on a pallet and yet maintains its signature feature: the screw top closure.

Let’s twist!

Just like their round family members, Square drums have a screw top closure. A screw lid enables a fast, secure and easy drum closure. Each lid has a rubber gasket which ensures that solid contents are protected against moisture and that liquids cannot leak. The moisture vapor transmission rate of Square drums has been determined using an ASTM standard.

Increase pallet density
Square drums increase the loading rate of a pallet by minimizing dead space. Square drums will increase pallet density between 5 and 25% compared to round drums.

Let’s rock!
Another advantage of Square drums is increased pallet stability. The increase contact surface the straight sides allow, combined with the perfect fit of base and lid, ensure that every pallet load is rock solid.

Square drums come in four capacities. Help your company reach its sustainability and efficiency targets by using a smart Square drum design that is easy to close and provides more stability on the pallet.

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