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CurTec developed Pharma Grade Packo – a plastic screw top pot that has been tested according to both European and US Pharmacopoeia and is suitable as primary packaging for pharmaceuticals.

Primary packaging for pharmaceuticals should be safe, compatible with its content and made of materials that prevent absorption and migration. Besides being chemically compatible, the packaging should not release substances that can affect the stability of its content or present a risk of toxicity.

Pharma Grade raw material

Pharma Grade Packo pots and lids are manufactured from pharma grade HDPE and colorized with a pharma grade colorant. The inner seals are made from a blend of pharma grade HDPE and LDPE.

Pharma Grade Packo family

EU and US Pharmacopoeia

Pharma Grade Packo complies with the requirements of monograph 3.1.3 of the European Pharmacopoeia and have been tested for e.g.:

  • Presence of additives
  • Presence and identity of Titanium Dioxide
  • Extractable Aluminium, Titanium, Zinc and Heavy Metals

The pharma grade screw top pots have also been tested for functional properties according to chapters 661 and 671 of the US Pharmacopoeia:

  • Identity from DSC endotherm (661)
  • Identity from FTIR spectrum (661)
  • Heavy Metals in aqueous extract (661)
  • Barrier protection (671)

GMP certificatied packaging company

Besides product design and the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process is also an important topic. Customers require full process control so that packaging products meet all specifications and cannot pose a risk to its contents. CurTec is a GMP certified packaging company and offers safety and security.

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