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The cannabinoid industry is booming. The growing demand for cannabinoids like CBD is fueled by political and regulatory decisions, both in Europe and the US. The need for quality cannabis packaging that is certified according to pharma regulation is developing at a similar pace.

During recent pharma events and throughout the pharma market, CurTec is increasingly approached by companies looking for high performance packaging for cannabinoids. Although the cannabis market already exists for quite some time and despite their strong link with pharma, the medical cannabis industry only recently discovered the value adding features and benefits of CurTec packaging.

Upcoming cannabis events

Worry-free logistics and compliance

At the top of their list of packaging requirements are worry-free logistics and quality compliance. CurTec is a GMP certified packaging company and all products are manufactured to relevant pharma industry standards including food safety, moisture vapor transmission, UV light and pharma grade plastics.

Plastic UV safe screw lid drums and jars for storage and shipment of cannabinoids

CurTec’s robust plastic drums, pails and jars are easy to close and open, protect from any form of tampering, and offer superior protection against any form of impact throughout the supply chain.

Prevent the transfer of odor

Signature features and benefits:

  • Screw lids enable safe and controlled opening and closing
  • Rubber gaskets in the lids prevent the transfer of odor
  • Lids are re-sealable which helps increase user-friendliness
  • Lightweight and recyclable plastics make the packaging sustainable

CurTec’s iconic screw top drums, pails and jars can be customized with color and contribute to brand value.


CurTec packs have been carefully designed and manufactured and are especially suitable for multiple use. The decision to use a CurTec container more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

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