Even Han Solo relies on CurTec drums

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Even Han Solo relies on CurTec drums

By Marc Martens

Being a die-hard Star Wars fan, my heart jumped when back in 2012 Disney announced the future release of new Star Wars films including spin-offs, after taking over Lucasfilm. I was even more excited when I realized watching the movie in 2015 that the producers used CurTec drums as props for the Millennium Falcon.

When “The Force Awakens” premiered in December 2015, I was one of the first to go and see it. And not just once or twice but three times. The first time I saw it I focused on the story revealing itself. The second time I could pay more attention to details and I immediately noticed some things very familiar aboard the Millennium Falcon - Han Solo's space craft. But it was only until watching the film on Blue Ray that I could get evidence.

The producers used CurTec’s Wide Neck Drums to decorate the set. They were carefully dusted and painted to make them look worn out but you cannot miss the signature shape of CurTec drums and lids. One thing is for certain: Whatever Han Solo was storing or smuggling, it was in excellent shape.

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