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Enjoy your holiday

By Marc Martens

Summertime is finally here! With warmer weather approaching, people are looking for relaxation in and on the water. Sailing, rafting and canoeing are very popular activities, creating invaluable moments with friends and family. Each moment is captured with smartphones and cameras – but they typically dislike water…

Fortunately, CurTec offers Wide Neck Drums with screw lids. They effectively keep water and moisture at a distance of your personal belongings. Not only smartphones and other valuable electronics, but also keys, wallets, and even food products are well-protected thanks to the screw lid closure with rubber gasket.

Whether you decide to go rafting in the Grand Canyon, canoeing in the French Ardèche or sailing on the Dutch Frisian lakes, CurTec drums offer safety and security.

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After summer has ended, there will be other products requiring moisture protection, such as pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients. Consider choosing CurTec packaging for them as well. For more info

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