Protection against counterfeiting throughout the supply chain

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In the past years, the number of counterfeit medicines seized at international borders has increased dramatically, according to the European Consumers’ Organization. Counterfeit drugs pose a public health hazard, waste consumer income, and reduce the profits needed to engage in R&D and innovation. Although pharmaceutical manufacturers routinely protect pharmaceuticals with tamper evident containers and packaging, the risk of counterfeiting is still present throughout the whole supply chain.

Pull-tight sealing strips reveal tampering

Tamper evidence

Tamper evidence is a sealing which guarantees users that packaging has not been opened during transport or throughout the logistics chain. Manufacturers of goods such as pharmaceuticals and food ingredients are increasingly turning to tamper evidence as contaminated product can be life-threatening to consumers and result in massive legal expenses.

Protect bulk packaging

Are you curious to know what innovations are available to protect bulk packaging of your pharmaceutical ingredients all the way through the supply chain? Read “Security and tamper-evidence protection systems” written by Dr. Huw Kidwell.

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