Plastic drums with screw lid

Plastic drums with screw lids have become indispensable containers in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals, and food ingredient industries, among others. Offering a multitude of benefits, these drums are engineered to ensure the safety, integrity, and security of their contents throughout transportation and storage.

Preventing moisture ingress

One of the paramount advantages of plastic screw lid drums lies in their ability to enable moisture control. Equipped with a rubber gasket in the lid, these drums create a tight seal, effectively preventing moisture ingress and safeguarding the integrity of sensitive materials.

Plastic drums with screw lid are not only moisture vapor tight but also leak tight


CurTec's production process is GMP certified and guarantees optically clean drums with screw lid. Their pristine quality ensures that contents remain uncontaminated and meets the strict quality standards of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients.

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Tamper proof

In an era where tampering poses a significant concern, plastic screw lid drums offer a solution with visible sealing options. Any unauthorized attempts at tampering become readily apparent, providing an added level of security and peace of mind.

Plastic drums can be sealed to make tampering visible

Food safety

Additionally, these drums are constructed from food-grade plastics that meet the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical and food ingredient industries, guaranteeing users the safety and cleanliness of the stored ingredients.

UN certified drums

Plastic screw lid drums are UN certified, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations and guaranteeing that hazardous solids reach their destination safely.

Plastic screw lid drums are UN-certified for hazardous solids

Sustainable solutions

CurTec drums are carefully designed and manufactured and extremely suitable for multiple use. Using a plastic drum with screw lid multiple times is both responsible and sustainable.

Nevertheless, the demand for packaging that can further reduce the carbon footprint of a supply chain is growing. That is why CurTec has developed screw lid drums from sustainable raw materials.

Biobased drums, also known as plant-based drums have a lower carbon footprint because they are made from plastic from a renewable source. Recycled drums are made from mechanically recycled plastic from both industrial and consumer plastic products, helping to reduce the environmental impact.

Screw lid drums made of recycled plastic

Barrier versions

CurTec, a leading provider in this domain, offers a diverse range of plastic screw lid drums, including cylindrical and rectangular versions to suit varied storage needs. Additionally, UV-safe and conductive versions are available, catering to specialized requirements across industries.

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