Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

CurTec has close ties with the pharmaceutical industry. From the moment the first pharmaceutical company decided to package high-quality products in our plastic drums, CurTec's mission became to provide the best possible packaging solutions and superior service to the sector. And that strategy has proven successful.

Today, CurTec packaging can be found in almost every pharmaceutical company in the world. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers use CurTec packaging as primary or secondary (bulk) packaging for solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and powders because they are clean, safe and certified. But how do these properties translate into concrete benefits?

Pharmaceutical secondary packaging for APIs

Clean pharmaceutical packaging

CurTec pharmaceutical packaging is optically clean, which means it is free of visible contaminants and residues. Numerous measures during production and packaging contribute to a high level of cleanliness. With optically clean pharmaceutical packaging, the risk of contamination further down the supply chain is much lower and complaints and related costs can be avoided.

Safe and reliable pharmaceutical packaging

The need for safety and security in the pharmaceutical industry is high and stems from the need to ensure the integrity of medicines and ensure the safety of patients.

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CurTec supplies pharmaceutical packaging for active ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials such as excipients and intermediates and solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. To guarantee the safety of pharmaceutical products, our pharmaceutical packaging combines a number of properties:

  • Protection against the ingress of moisture, which can prevent product spoilage
  • All drums, pails and jars can be sealed so that unwanted interventions (tampering) can be made visible
  • All packaging is robust and made of HDPE, which significantly reduces/lowers the risk of damage and product loss

Tamper evident intermediate bulk tablet containers

Certified pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging certification is of utmost importance as it ensures compliance with strict standards set by regulatory bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and USP (United States Pharmacopeia). Compliance with these certifications is essential to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of pharmaceutical products.

CurTec has been a GMP certified packaging company since 2016. GMP helps us ensure that pharmaceutical packaging is produced and controlled in a consistent and controlled manner to quality standards.

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Sustainable pharmaceutical packaging

A sustainable supply chain is an asset, also in the pharmaceutical industry. CurTec develops sustainable packaging solutions that can contribute to this.

Biobased packaging, for example, is made from plastic from a renewable source (bioethanol from sugar cane), which saves fossil raw materials and reduces the carbon footprint of a packaging chain.

CurTec also offers drums and pails made from recycled plastic. These packaging have an even smaller footprint because they are largely made from mechanically recycled HDPE and almost no longer rely on oil-based raw materials.


When none of the alternative materials are an option, reuse of pharmaceutical secondary packaging can also definitely be considered. CurTec drums, pails and jars are carefully designed and manufactured and extremely suitable for multiple use. The choice to use them more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

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