Plastic jar with quarter-turn screw lid closure
made of plastic from a renewable resource

This jar increases the environmental sustainability of a supply chain and lowers your carbon footprint.

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  • Quarter-turn screw lid saves handling time
  • Low moisture vapor transmission
  • UN certified (1H2) for solids
  • Food safe
  • Tamper evident
  • Sustainable reusable
Leak Tight

Leak Tight

The new Packo lid with integrated gasket prevents liquids from escaping or spilling out. Leak tightness is tested by resting pots on the lid and side for a certain period of time thus burdening the gasket.

Create More Comfort

Closing a Packo jar according to the manual is easy enough by hand. Closing and opening however can be made even easier and more ergonomic with a Lid Locker. This simple tool allows you to create more torque with less effort.

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Create More Comfort
Item no. 4310-80
Capacity 1000 ml / 33.8 fl.oz.
Diameter opening 96.8 mm
Diameter container 99 mm
Total height 157.4 mm
Material HDPE
Container color White
Lid color Light green
Screw lid Yes
Leak tight Only Packos with the new lid with integrated gasket
Moisture vapor tight Yes
Tamper evident feature Yes
UN marking 1H2/X1.3/Y2.0/Z3.0/S/--/NL/CURTEC-110503
Food grade Yes
Pallet quantity 1260 pcs
Stock item No