What makes CurTec packaging sustainable

Choosing plastic as the raw material for High Performance Packaging was a conscious decision for CurTec. The attributes of plastic  improve the sustainability of CurTec products. Innovate product design creates additional value making  your business more sustainable and cost efficient.

Plastic is durable

The most commonly used raw material for plastic is oil, which is a natural product. Being natural however,  does not automatically mean that it is a sustainable material. Crude oil supplies can not be replaced once pumped out of the ground.  And, oil still requires processing – just like other materials such as metal or paper.

Plastic sets itself apart from  other material choices by its strength to weight ratio, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance and reusability. Read more in this article:

Why plastic is more sustainable than expected

Biobased packaging

Plastic may be made from bio-based sources

One of CurTec’s recent innovations is to create containers using plastic produce from renewable sugar cane sources.  As a crop, this source may be regrown year after year. Read more about these bio-based products:

Biobased packaging

Lightweight and strong

Nothing is more harmful to the environment than a leaking pack – especially when hazardous goods are concerned. Avoiding product loss and contamination is paramount in general. Because CurTec packaging is made of high quality plastics, they are strong and robust, which guarantees the best possible protection for your products, and lighter weight, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reduced transportation costs when compared to steel or fiber alternatives.

Innovate product design

Lightweight packaging that offers maximum security is the starting point in every product design, but CurTec adds additional more sustainable features:

  • Water vapor tight closure: all packs have screw lids with an integrated gasket which protects the contents against moisture ingress – even when reused!
  • Tapered walls: empty nestable packaging takes up less space on a pallet and therefore contributes to further reduction of CO2 emissions and lowering the cost of transporting empties.
  • Reusable: with plastic as raw material, each pack may be reused multiple times. Reuse is limited to five years for hazmat uses because that is the official lifespan of the UN marking

Clever use of trimmings and virgin scrap

Despite the fact that as little plastic as possible is used to manufacture a product, the unused material can pile up due to production trimmings and scrap.  At CurTec all virgin clean waste is ground up instantly and reused in appropriate places and products.

What is your sustainable packaging challenge?

CurTec will be glad to help analyze your supply chain for long term solutions.  Replacing steel or fiber drums with re-usable plastic options makes sense in many situations where reuse is possible.

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