Waterproof drums

The need of waterproof drums. Whether you are in pharma, fine chemicals, or food ingredients, it is essential to keep moisture under control in order to preserve your products. After all, you want to keep your powders, tablets, or other solids in the best possible shape, and bad moisture control can have a major impact on your product’s safety, quality, and shelf life. Powder caking, mold, and product impairment, for example, are commonly occurring problems.

Do you want to significantly reduce the risks associated with bad moisture control? Then opt for packaging with a water-vapor barrier: waterproof drums!

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Why CurTec waterproof drums?

UN approved for solids, CurTec waterproof drums fulfill a pressing transportation need by helping control moisture.

CurTec’s high-performance packaging has screw lids with a rubber gasket that provide a water-vapor tight closure. Moisture is kept under control through the choice of material and components combined with a solid construction. The lack of additional barriers will save you both time and money.

The moisture-vapor transmission of CurTec packaging has been tested by a certified laboratory.

Why waterproof drums?

UN-approved CurTec waterproof drums have a screw-top closure that prevents leakage, minimizing the risk of shipments being subjected to border control or customs inspections. Moreover, UN-drums allow for stable stacking on a pallet, which helps avoid damaging during transportation. It also reduces the chance of rejection during customs inspections.

A UN-approved or UN-certified drum symbolizes safety and security. The certification proves that the drum’s solid mechanical strength and quality are maintained, ensuring that they are under constant surveillance: tests are performed during every production run.


All CurTec (waterproof) drums, pails, and jars are UN certified, which means that their mechanical strength is constantly verified through stacking and drop tests. The shape of the drum base has been adapted to the lid, making each of them user friendly and easy to stack. In other words, a perfect fit that is crucial to proper pallet securing and packing.

CurTec continuously conducts extensive quality tests on its bulk tablet drums, waterproof drums and other containers. Would you like to see proof of performance? We are happy to provide you with accreditation documents regarding moisture vapor transmission and transportation simulations as well as UN and DOT reports.

Product range

Be sure to opt for drums that fully suit your needs. To provide more insight into the specifics, we listed our wide range of drums below. All CurTec drums will protect your valuable products effectively against moisture, tampering, and contamination, ensuring that your hazardous solids arrive safely at their destination. If you are transporting food ingredients, you can rest assured that our drums comply with all food safety legislation.

Wide neck drums
Transport dangerous goods seamlessly with Wide neck drums. Their large opening allows for convenient filling and emptying, while a screw top makes opening and closing safe, fast, and easy.

Total opening drums
If you want to lift out plastic liners with content without causing any damage, Total opening drums are the right choice for you.

Nestable drums
Do you need to store and ship empty packaging at a beneficial rate? Nestable drums allow you to transport your product safely at a lower cost.

Conductive drums
Explosive products must be protected properly against sparks caused by static electricity. Conductive drums take care of the job, creating a safe work environment and ensuring that your hazardous solids arrive at their destination safe and sound.

UV-safe drums
Use UV-safe drums to avoid content degradation caused by UV light. These drums have a screw lid closure and a 200 – 400 Nm UV barrier.

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