UN rated drums

UN-rated drums? To facilitate the often complex transportation of dangerous goods, the United Nations have established a universal system, defining a set of rules for the classification, marking, packaging, and labeling of dangerous goods. This system provides a strong foundation for all national and global regulations that govern road, rail, air, and maritime transportation.

Obviously, you need to ensure that the UN-approved packaging used is compatible with the dangerous goods you wish to transport. Packages are certified for either liquids or solids, and you shouldn’t forget to take the approved packing group as well as type of closure into account.

CurTec UN-rated drums are UN approved for solids, making them perfectly apt for pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. Need more information and tailored advice? Get in touch!

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Why UN-rated drums?

A UN-rated or UN-certified drum stands for safety and security. The certification indicates that the solid mechanical strength and quality of the drum are maintained, ensuring they are under constant scrutiny: tests are performed during every production run.

CurTec’s UN-rated drums allow for stable stacking on a pallet, which helps avoid damaging during transportation, reducing the chance of rejection during customs inspections. Moreover, the screwtop closure of our UN-rated drums prevents leakage, which minimizes the risk of shipments being subjected to border control or customs inspections.

Why CurTec’s UN-rated drums?

We offer successful drum product lines, Packo pots, Click Pack containers, and Nestable drums. The added value of High Performance Packaging continues to contribute to better products and satisfied customers.

With 130 employees and offices in 6 countries, we serve a variety of industries, including specialty chemicals, pharma, logistics, and food ingredients.

Highest level of quality

All CurTec drums, pails, and jars are UN certified. In practice, this means that their mechanical strength is constantly verified through stacking and drop tests. They are easy to stack and very user friendly, as the shape of the drum base has been adapted to the lid. In other words, a perfect fit that is essential to a proper pallet packing and securing process.

CurTec conducts comprehensive quality tests on its bulk tablet UN rated drums and other containers on a continuous basis. Do you want to see proof of performance? We are happy to provide you with accreditation documents regarding transportation simulations and moisture vapor transmission as well as UN and DOT reports.

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