Plastic pail with quarter-turn screw lid closure
made of recycled plastic

This pail increases the environmental sustainability of your supply chain and lowers your carbon footprint.

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  • Quarter-turn screw lid saves handling time
  • Low moisture vapor transmission
  • UN certified (1H2) for solids
  • Tamper evident
  • Sustainable reusable
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Tapered - Storing empties takes up less space
Made Of Recycled Plastic

Made Of Recycled Plastic

CurTec uses post-industrial (such as vegetable crates) and post-consumer plastics (such as shampoo bottles) which are mechanically recycled and -with the exception of food safety – offer the same benefits as virgin HDPE.

Item no. 4410-82
Capacity 10 liters / 2.6 US gallons
Diameter opening 288 mm
Diameter container 318 mm
Total height 210 mm
Container material HDPE rec (50%)
Lid material HDPE rec (50%)
Container color Dark grey
Lid color Dark green
Screw lid Yes
Leak tight No
Moisture vapor tight Yes
Nestable Yes
Tamper evident feature Yes
UN marking 1H2/X8/Y12/Z18/S/--/NL/CURTEC 220631 REC
Handgrips Yes
Handle No
Food grade No
Pallet quantity 300 pcs
Stock item No