Plastic drum with screw lid closure
made of recycled plastic

This drum increases the environmental sustainability of your supply chain and lowers your carbon footprint.

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  • Screw lid saves handling time
  • Low moisture vapor transmission
  • UN certified (1H2) for solids
  • Tamper evident
  • Sustainable reusable
  • Made of recycled plastic
Made Of Recycled Plastic

Made Of Recycled Plastic

CurTec uses post-industrial (such as vegetable crates) and post-consumer plastics (such as shampoo bottles) which are mechanically recycled and -with the exception of food safety – offer the same benefits as virgin HDPE.

Leak Tight

The rubber gasket in a drum lid prevents liquids from escaping or spilling out. Leak-tightness is tested by resting drums on the lid and side for a certain period of time thus burdening the gasket.

Leak Tight
Item no. 7020-82
Capacity 20 liters / 5.3 US gallons
Diameter opening 203 mm
Diameter drum 274 mm
Total height 417 mm
Drum material HDPE rec (70%)
Lid material HDPE rec (50%)
Drum color Grey
Lid color Dark green
Screw lid Yes
Leak tight Yes
Moisture vapor tight Yes
Tamper evident feature Yes
UN marking Yes
Handgrips No
Food grade No
Pallet quantity 80 pcs
Stock item No