How to maintain tablet elegance during bulk shipment

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If you are a manufacturer of tablets, you probably know why it is important to keep tablets pristine during production and transport. Consumers do not easily take damaged tablets because they appear to be poorly produced, less effective and perhaps even dangerous. In this article, we discuss potential problems when packaging tablets in bulk and packaging solutions to avoid those problems and related costs.

Maintaining tablet elegance is key to consumer acceptance

Maintaining tablet elegance in the supply chain is important for high consumer acceptance and avoiding product loss and image damage. It is therefore a constant concern for the pharmaceutical industry. Just think of all the ways a tablet can be damaged: they can break, flake, dust, swell and soften during compression, coating, storage and (bulk) shipping.

Maintaining tablet elegance is important for high consumer acceptance

During tablet production, formulation adjustments, changes in production parameters and extra attention to loading and unloading of coating drums can reduce negative effects. Once out of the press and past quality control, tablets must be kept pristine until the moment of consumption. And there is an important role for bulk tablet packaging.

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Packaging for intermediate bulk storage and shipping

After production, tablets can be packaged for consumption (unit dose or bulk packaging) or packaged and stored in bulk. They can then be packed for consumption at a later time at the same or a different location (e.g. by a contract packer). During intermediate bulk storage and shipping, problems such as tablet breakage, crushing and softening can occur.

Crushed tablets

Avoid tablet crush

These symptoms occur when an intermediate bulk tablet container does not provide sufficient protection against moisture or is insufficiently able to absorb shock loads from transport and pallet handling. A solid and robust container with a low, consistent and reliable moisture vapor transmission rate combined with shock absorbing cushioning provides the best protection against tablet crush, breakage and softening.

Prevent tablet softening by blocking moisture

CurTec's high performance plastic drums and containers provide an excellent barrier against moisture vapor compared to other packaging materials. All CurTec packaging has screw lids with integrated gaskets that prevent the ingress of water or moisture vapor. This significantly reduces the chance of tablet softening.

Chipped tablets

Robust drums prevent tablet breakage

CurTec drums also offer excellent protection against external impact: the forks of a forklift can easily pierce a fiber drum, especially if the cardboard is wet. Metal drums can dent and then corrode. Plastic drums cannot weaken under the influence of water or moisture vapor and retain their mechanical strength. A plastic screw lid drum with tailored cushioning greatly reduces the risk of tablet breakage or crush.

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Sustainable bulk tablet packaging

CurTec screw lid drums and containers can also be reused again and again without losing strength, quality or appearance. A number of major pharmaceutical players have already made their supply chains more sustainable by transporting tablets and capsules with CurTec barrels and reusing them. CurTec packaging is also available in biobased or recycled plastic, which also contributes to a more sustainable supply chain.

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