Tamper evident security

Protect your solids throughout the entire supply chain

Tamper evidence is a sealing which guarantees users that packaging has not been opened during transport or throughout the logistics chain. Manufacturers of goods such as pharmaceuticals and food ingredients are increasingly turning to tamper evidence as products that have been contaminated can be life-threatening to consumers. An effective packaging seal plays an important role in protecting your product’s integrity, and with the increasing problem of counterfeit medicines it could be more crucial than ever.

Protecting your bulk packaging
In the past five years the number of counterfeit medicines seized at EU borders has increased by 422 per cent, according to the European Consumers’ Organisation.  Although pharmaceutical manufacturers routinely protect dosed pharmaceuticals using blister packaging or tamper evident containers, the risk of contamination is present throughout the whole supply chain. Tamper evident bulk packaging can be used to ensure protection is given at all times.

Are you curious to know what innovations are available to protect the bulk packaging of your pharmaceutical ingredients all the way through the supply chain? Download the article: ‘Security and tamper-evidence protection systems’ written by Huw Kidwell.

How can CurTec help you to protect your bulk packaging?
All CurTec plastic packaging has a tamper-evident seal, and barcodes can easily be attached for track and trace systems to be used to keep your goods safe and secure.

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