Spare parts

Would you like to improve the distribution and returns process of your spare parts? CurTec offers high performance packaging solutions for storage, distribution and handling of spare parts. Our goal is to raise the quality and speed of service to your customers through clever packaging solutions.

The quality of your service is measured mostly by its speed. The circumstances become more and more challenging. Orders arrive later and later and your geographic area expands. CurTec understands that decent handling and protection of your valuable spare parts is essential. That is why we offer robust packaging like sealable and lockable lidded crates. These crates can also be fitted with permanent or temporary identification (barcodes, RFID or address labels)

Besides being safe and easy to handle our packaging products are also reusable. They allow you to lower your total supply chain cost. Moreover they contribute positively to a sustainable supply chain and your company image.

Would you like to learn more? Read the business case below or contact us.

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TNT Innight - RFID = added value
TNT Innight - RFID = added value

Clients who use night distribution reduce their decentralised stocks and at the same time speed up their logistical processes. Many TNT Innight clients often choose to dispatch their valuable and fragile shipments in plastic CurTec crates. They thereby make considerable savings in packaging costs.