Sustainable reuse of tablet drums by Savio

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Bulk tablet storage and shipment is a great example of a pharma application where CurTec drums provide their best value. Savio Industrial reuses their bulk tablet containers making them a sustainable part of their supply chain.

In 2015, contract development and manufacturing organization Savio Industrial was founded by taking over the Pavia manufacturing site from a multinational company. Since then, Savio has further grown in capacity and capability with two manufacturing sites in Italy. The manufacturing site in Pavia is a large, technologically advanced, production site dedicated to manufacturing oral solids and liquids. It has an annual production capacity of 1000+ tons intermediate bulk powder, 200 million blister doses and 20 million vials.

Bulk tablet drum in hopper

Solid oral dosage forms are manufactured and packed in bulk. They are shipped to customers for final packing or stored and blister packed later at the Pavia site. Savio continues using CurTec’s screw lid drum as bulk tablet containers (secondary packaging).

Robust drum

Logistics Manager Lorenzo Basso explains: “Our team appreciates the 64 liter Total Opening Drum because it is easy to handle. The robust construction and mounted handgrips allow them to lift and drag the drum safely despite its content of up to 30 kilos (66 pounds). The screw lid with rubber gasket is easy to open and close manually. We use a lid locker tool to apply extra torque so that the drum is closed according to the manual.”

Screw lid drums on a production carousel

“We receive materials in several types of drums” Lorenzo continues. “Some have a narrow opening which makes it more challenging to retrieve the contents which are often packed in plastic bags. CurTec drums have a wide neck opening which makes emptying tablets (into a tumbler for instance) or placing multiple primary packs with tablets an easy job.”

Prevent tablet crush

“Tablets are carefully packed and cushioned after production” Production Manager Kaishik Jayakar adds. “These rigid drums also help to prevent tablet crush during storage, transit or transport. Naturally they can be sealed to make tampering with valuable content immediately visible.”

Sealed tablet drums in transit

Over the years the amount of drums used for export of bulk tablets has diminished in favor of sustainable internal use for storage and transit between areas. Cleaning the drums is easy: After use, the containers and lids are manually washed,  dried, and conditioned for reuse. After a tour of the plant and warehouse we were able to ascertain that CurTec drums with an annual usage cycle after 5+ years (some even 7+ years) were still in incredible shape.

Sustainable choice

CurTec drums and containers are designed for multiple uses and Savio’s choice to use them more than once is a sustainable and responsible choice. For more information

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Thanks to:
Sandro Dolcini (Supply Chain and Purchase Manager)
Lorenzo Basso (Logistics & Warehouse manager)
Kaishik Jayakar (Production Manager)

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