CurTec gains loyal followers among craft breweries

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CurTec drums are well known for their durability across many industries. CurTec drums and pails, ranging in capacity between 3 and 150 liters (1 and 40 US gallons), have always had a strong following among home brewers and those fermenting craft batches of wine, kumbucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and hard cider. Those pickling cucumbers and fish also appreciate our rigid plastic drums.

CurTec drums for home brewing

Now we are also seeing small batch commercial operations adopt our drums. They appreciate the durability, and also like other added benefits such as:

  • The wide opening which makes for easy emptying and filling
  • The mixing friendly shape that prevents material from getting stuck in corners
  • The easy to remove screw top lid
  • The comfortable ergonomic handgrips for moving and lifting
  • The quality food safe materials with traceability
  • The durable liquid tight gasket

Brewers also use our drums to store their sugars and grains because of the very low moisture vapor transmission rates. This prevents caking of the sugar and keeps the grains from going stale.

Our followers like that the plastic drums are much more affordable than stainless steel brewing and fermenting containers. They also don’t easily dent and weigh significantly less. And, because of our high-quality food safe resins, there is no impact on taste.

Thunder Island Brewing collects spent grain after brewing for use as animal feed

Another application we see is for reclaiming spent grain. Thunder Island Brewing has found a sustainable use for CurTec’s drums. After each brew cycle, they remove the spent grain and hops to a 110 liter (30 gallon) Total Opening Drum. Farmers then pick up the grain to use as feed and return the empties.

CurTec drums, pails and jars have been carefully designed and manufactured and are most suitable for multiple use. The choice to use them more than once is a responsible and sustainable choice.

Please contact us to discuss using CurTec drums for commercial brewing, fermenting, and pickling processes.