A compact solution for DSM food enzymes

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DSM Food Specialities produces many specialty chemicals including food enzymes which help food manufacturers to get more out of their raw materials. In order to be able to guarantee the high quality of their enzymes after filling, DSM chose the Packo by CurTec as new packaging for their product.

Enzymes are used for almost everything. You can find them in beer, wine and cheese. Doriane Sauvage, Purchase manager at DSM in Seclin (France) explained: “DSM provides companies around the world with this important protein.”

Strict requirements

DSM wanted to work with a partner that had experience with packing foodstuffs in addition to being a HACCP certified supplier. The new packaging could not deviate too much from the original enzyme pot.  In addition, it had to meet the laws and regulations and fit beneath their machine.

Packo jar for DSM food enzymes

Selection procedure

DSM was already familiar with CurTec. In the past they provided them with a packaging solution for anti-infection products in Sweden and a Click Pack for iodine derivatives in Chile. Doriane: “We invited CurTec to a number of exploratory talks with the production management in France. Packo, the small volume container made by CurTec seemed to best meet our requirements.” They supplied samples and a management change procedure was implemented. We also carried out an audit. In addition, it was important that CurTec had a ‘back up-plan’ so that if any supply problems occurred in Rijen, they would be able to supply the product from another DSM-approved site. CurTec was able to offer this and the result from the audit was positive.

Innovative and sustainable

One other important aspect in the selection procedure was that the new product had to be compatible with the key values at DSM. In other words it had to be innovative, sustainable, international and capable of contributing to supply and development. The purpose of the latter is to enable us to optimise further using the knowledge and skills of suppliers. CurTec satisfied all of these points.

Fast, safe and reliable

DSM’s requirement for a replacement packaging was solved in an extremely short period of time. Doriane: “Everything had been tested and implemented within six months.” DSM has now been using the new enzyme container for several years. How is it performing? “We have not received any more complaints since we started using the CurTec packaging. Nor have we had any problems with supply reliability, colour variations or connections to the product line. I think that a significant advantage is that CurTec is a company that specialises in high quality packaging.”

DSM was looking for a clean and compact packaging for its high-quality enzymes. They chose Packo. This packaging solution was achieved in a very short period of time. Do you have a pressing packaging problem that needs to be solved? Then let us work with you.

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Many thanks to: Doriane Sauvage