Laboratoires Audevard improves sustainability with biobased drums

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Plant-based packaging has been part of the CurTec range for many years and already contributes to a more sustainable supply chain in many companies. Laboratoires Audevard recently decided to switch to our plant-based drums, also known as Biobased Drums. Naturally we wanted to find out what triggered their decision and how CurTec packaging adds value to their supply chain.

Laboratoires Audevard is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the well-being, health and performance of horses. They supply a comprehensive range of horse healthcare solutions which include medicinal products, feed supplements, skincare and insect repellents.

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Plant-based instead of fossil-based drums

For more than two decades now, Audevard has relied on CurTec screw lid drums for bulk packaging of some of its feed supplements. In recent years, they decided to change over from regular fossil-based drums to plant-based drums - a decision fueled by the desire of the company to use more sustainable packaging for their products, so that they can reduce the ecological impact and provide a better customer experience.

Eco-designed packaging

Thanks to this decision, today 80% of their packs is ecologically designed and contributes to a circular economy. In concrete terms, this means that the packs have to be made of at least 30% sustainable (recycled or plant-based) materials and that as little raw material as possible is used without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

Ekyflex Arthro granules in a 26 liter biobased drum

Bulk plastic packaging that reduces environmental impact

Reducing the environmental impact of their supply chain is an important requirement, but bulk plastic packaging needs to fulfil several other criteria in order to contribute to good product preservation and a positive customer experience:

  • The contents can spoil and soften under the influence of moisture and so, require moisture vapor protection
  • Audevard products are often stored and used in separate places and require a packaging that can be easily handled (preferably with handgrips)
  • Most supplement products are sold in granule form and are distributed to the horse with a scoop, so a wide opening is preferable
  • Packs are not emptied in one go and must therefore be easy to open and close multiple times

CurTec’s biobased drums with screw lid closure are easy to handle, thanks to its unique design with handgrips incorporated in the lid. Screw lids are also fast and easy to open and close and contain a rubber gasket that prevents moisture vapor ingress. The robust design of the drums guarantees a high level of protection, even at low temperatures.

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Corporate branding

Visualizing quality is important to Audevard. Customers must be attracted to their products and the product experience is defined not only by product quality but also by the presentation surrounding it. An important requirement for Audevard is therefore that (bulk) packaging supports their quality image.

Bo Yeas Ultra granules are distributed to the horse with a dosing spoon

Clean drums

CurTec's white, biobased drums immediately met that requirement. In addition, the green of the screw lid closely matched Audevard's house color, which, together with the special design, created an attractive overall picture (product presentation). Also the label surface is nicely protected by the rolling ribs and protect the product labels from rubbing off or getting damaged otherwise.

Excellent customer service

According to Audevard, CurTec offers premium packaging that accurately reflects the quality of a product and provides a high level of protection, as well as excellent customer service where questions are answered quickly and professionally.

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Many thanks to Margaux Caussin, Junior Innovation Project Manager at Laboratoires Audevard

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