CurTec is building a sustainable company

Sustainability and security concerns are ingrained into CurTec’s ethos. You can see this mindset reflected in their High Performance Packaging and approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CurTec defines sustainability as doing everything possible within their power to build a better social, economic and ecological future by engaging in continuous improvement.

People are the future

Despite advanced process automation, people remain the key to success. Only through their knowledge, skill and enthusiasm will CurTec continue to deliver excellence. They continuously invest in employee vitality and development programs.  They conduct a life-stage oriented personnel program to support sustainable human resource management and to promote positive good will among the staff.

Personal development at CurTec

Use energy more wisely

Since 2009, CurTec has followed a long-term policy and taken many steps to use energy more wisely and reduce environmental impact:

  • Replace old machines by new, energy-efficient types
  • Insulate machine parts such as cylinders
  • Install LED lighting
  • Switch to induction heating for machine
  • Separate cooling water systems
  • Improve process management
  • Reduce production wasted by 35% and improve cycle times
  • Procure green energy

By 2019, CurTec will  install an energy monitoring system which indicates sudden increases in energy consumption and allows for corrective and preventive measures.

New energy-efficient plastic molding machines at CurTec

Waste management

CurTec’s production process creates various types of waste: plastic processing scrap, product rejects, packaging materials of raw materials and bins of worn machine parts. All waste is separated, reused if possible and processed by certified waste collection companies.


The reusability of plastic not only offers advantages to end users but also to plastic processors. CurTec grinds all processing waste and rejected products. The plastic grains are reused internally or sold. Our suppliers of EPDM gaskets and metal bars have even stopped using one-way packaging and switched to CurTec’s reusable crates further eliminating waste.

Raw materials - food for thought

CurTec obtains raw materials from certified suppliers who share our sustainability philosophy. Suppliers such as Sabic – a plastic manufacturer and one of the initiators of the Green Chemistry Campus, where suppliers, governments and knowledge institutes work on upscaling new and sustainable materials and chemicals for the packaging industry.

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