As of January 1st 2016, the EU regulation (EC 10/2011) on materials for food contact has changed. CurTec has had the composition of several colorants modified in order to comply with the new food contact regulation.

We made sure that products manufactured from these materials meet all technical and quality requirements. Below you will find a chart of all colors for standard products that comply with the new food contact legislation:

  004 White 004
RAL 9010
Zwart 101 Black 101
PMS Black
RAL 9011
Grey 135 Grey 135
PMS 422
RAL 9006
  Yellew 205 Yellow 205
PMS 108
RAL 1021
Yellow 215 Yellow 215
PMS 114
RAL 1018
  Red 402 Red 402
PMS 199
RAL 3020
Dark red 480 Dark red 480
PMS 504
RAL 3005
  Green 505 Green 505*
PMS 378c
RAL 6013
Groen 520 Green 520
PMS 354
RAL 6038
Groen 528 Green 528
PMS 7496
RAL 6011
Green 544
PMS 377c
RAL 6018
  Blauw 605 Blue 605
PMS 301
RAL 5019
Blauw 606 Blue 606
PMS 541
RAL 5010
Donkerblauw 611 Dark blue 611
PMS 2767
RAL 5013
Lichtblauw 667 Light blue 667
PMS 292
RAL 5024
  Beige 750 Beige 750
PMS 482
RAL 1015
Brown 705 Brown 705
PMS 174
RAL 2013

* This color is food safe when applied in Packo jars and lids. However, there is a wall thickness restriction. In case you are interested to purchase other CurTec packages for food applications in this color, please contact the Inside Sales Department first, so they can verify the applicability.

Basically you can order any packaging product in any of these colors provided you respect the minimum order quantity. Our Inside Sales team can inform you about the terms and conditions of delivery. Having a CurTec product in a customized color is also possible, but only after extensive testing. You have to take a longer lead time into account.

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