Vital C-team bevordert werknemerswelzijn

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CurTec pursues sustainable employability. To promote the well-being and vitality of employees, CurTec established the Vital C team in 2023. The Vital C team is a group of enthusiastic CurTec colleagues responsible for organizing initiatives that contribute to the vitality of all employees.

The team has drawn up an annual calendar with a range of activities with the aim of improving the well-being and health of CurTec employees. In 2023, they mainly learned which activities are most appreciated by employees.

Vital C lunch

The successful initiatives are:

  • Joint lunch: every month, colleagues are invited to take a break together and enjoy a tasty sandwich with the aim of increasing the connection between colleagues
  • Massage: once a quarter, colleagues are offered a chair massage with the aim of creating a moment of rest and relaxation during work
  • CurTec jacket: at the end of the year, Vital C, together with the Management Team, gave all colleagues a warm, sporty raincoat to encourage colleagues to enjoy outdoor sports  activities more often
  • Verbeeten Challenge: in april 2023 heeft Vital C de collectieve deelname van CurTec-collega’s aan dit sportieve event georganiseerd teneinde samen te sporten voor een goed doel!

Verbeeten Challenge

Successful initiatives are repeated and every year the Vital C team adds something new to the annual calendar. Together they are moving towards a more vital CurTec!

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