Why Unither uses plastic drums as primary pharma packaging

By Marc Martens

Packaging plays an important role in satisfying supply chain needs. In order to guarantee safe storage and internal distribution of pharmaceutical powders, Unither decided to replace one-way disposable plastic bags by a more efficient system. CurTec was able to convince them with a suitable packaging solution.

Unither uses plastic CurTec drums for internal transport of raw materials. They manufacture non sterile solutions for oral administration (syrups, solutions, drops, etc.) and suppositories. Until recent these materials were transported between weighing and production zones in sealed plastic bags.

Unither lift with tumblerThe bags had to be handled and emptied manually and repeatedly. Unither wanted a reusable and sustainable solution that would save on time and circumvent the difficult and ergonomically challenged  handling.

They decided to automate the process of introducing the raw materials into the blending tank by installing a lift with a tumbler. Unither needed a reusable transport container that was robust enough for mechanical handling. The container would be clamped by the tumbler and would have to withstand vertical pressure during the emptying process. It also would have to be suitable for raw materials for pharmaceutical use.

Unither would have to find a supplier that could fulfil all their needs. They were familiar with CurTec packaging. For years now, they are using 75 litre conductive drums for internal transport of other materials. The CurTec drums are safe (robust, anti-static, etc.) and better suited for use in a pharmaceutical production environment (conditioned areas). After transport and emptying, the conductive drums are washed, dried and stored for re-use.

Being familiar with CurTec and the quality of their drums, Unither decided to test a smaller capacity. They could not use the conductive drum because the height of the processing rooms is limited. CurTec proposed a 55 litre drum which fit the dimensions of the room and met all other pharmaceutical requirements. All certificates necessary to prove suitability for intended use were supplied.

Unither is satisfied with the quality of our drums. During a recent visit I saw the 55 litre drums in transit. The handling of raw materials between production and processing zones has become much safer and easier. The company was not only able to save precious handling time and reduce the impact on the production environment, they were also able increase the safety of their staff and create a sustainable transport system.

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Christophe Saboureau (Purchasing & Supply Chain Director at Isochem)

‘The risk of damage to packaging in our supply chain is very real. Fibre drums sometimes get damaged when the forks of a forklift truck tear open the packaging. We can prevent that kind of product loss by using CurTec drums and containers.’

Christophe Saboureau (Purchasing & Supply Chain Director at Isochem)

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