What moves CB Fashion

CurTec's orderpick crates create a flexible warehouse

“Ahead with Smart Logistics” is the philosophy of CB Fashion, a driven and ambitious logistics provider with total solutions and with a European partner network for the fashion industry. Operating in a market that is highly susceptible to trends and seasons requires them to respond quickly to everything that happens on the shop floor. This means not only flawless deliveries but sometimes also flawless returns. Flexibility moves CB Fashion. This includes a flexible warehouse.

CB Fashion Helmond

Order and tidiness give the appearance of quality
In a sensitive sector such as fashion appearance is important. Within an efficient logistics warehousing concept run by CB Fashion, the order and tidiness of the warehouse are the physical USPs. CB Fashion regularly receives compliments from its customers about the storage method with CurTec's order picking crates.

CB fashion orderpicking cratesAt CB Fashion each outgoing shipment is checked for quantity, items, colour and size. Likewise with all incoming production orders, when all products are made sales-ready. This requires a warehouse without any unexpected lack of space.

Static racks are not a solution. For hanging clothes CB Fashion has an automated infrastructure and for the so-called horizontal clothing and fashion accessories CB Fashion makes use of CurTec's order picking crates. An order picking zone that meets current needs can be set up easily and quickly.

If the crates are temporarily not used, they can be stored efficiently due to the nestability which creates space.

Room for e-fulfilment too
CB Fashion also sees the emergence of online shops as a second sales channel for retailers. With online shop sales numbers are low, return rates high and delivery processes to private addresses complex. Besides CB Fashion' own advanced ICT for administrative settlement, it is also true that CurTec's order picking crates are a good solution.

The label area under the order picking opening ensures that attached location labels can be easily removed. Moreover, the order picking crates are suitable for roller conveyors and flow racks.