Wasco improves performance of service technicians with Wisselbox

Wisselbox (lit. Exchange Box) is a rotation system for the supply of installation materials. Installation companies that use Wisselbox save time and money because it enables them to lower their logistics and administrative operations. This also has a positive effect on the productivity of their service technicians.

Wisselbox by Wasco is a rotation system for the supply of materials to installation companies. It is a discrete supply system that is integrated into the actual use of materials and reduces unnecessary costs.

Cost reduction
Wasco is one of the many companies in the Netherlands that supply installation materials. However, in contrast to many competitors, Wasco does not distinguish Wisselbox by its price, but rather on its efficiency improvement and cost reduction. A Wisselbox:

  • Provides an understanding of material usage (per technician/project)
  • Avoids returned materials
  • Ensures that a service technician always has the correct materials to hand
  • Offers stock availability of over 98%
  • Makes keeping stock redundant
  • Avoids low truck stock levels
  • Offers convenience (only one item needs to be ordered)

Wisselboxes are distributed overnight. Service technicians no longer need to order or collect materials at a wholesaler. This hugely improves their productivity.

Wasco Wisselbox CurTec attached lid container

How does Wisselbox work?

  1. Wasco decides which and how many materials a service technician needs during an installation. These are collected in Wisselboxes.
  2. For instance, the installation of a heating system, a boiler, a flue-gas exhaust, an expansion tank and a Wisselbox are ordered.
  3. The service technician uses what he or she needs and returns the Wisselbox with the unused materials to Wasco.
  4. After receiving and after checking the Wisselbox, Wasco only invoices for the materials used.
  5. The Wisselbox is then filled for the next job.

Many installation companies store their materials in more than one location which increases the chance of obsolete stock. Thanks to Wisselbox, companies do not need to keep any installation materials in stock. Total stocks remain low and only the materials actually used are invoiced.

CurTec attached lid containers
Wasco uses attached lid containers for both Wisselbox and for overnight delivery to service technicians and their sites. Wasco chose the attached lid containers because they are extremely robust and have a long lifespan. Customers were so impressed by the containers that Wasco decided to create promotional versions with its own identity. These are supplied with certain orders.

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Bart Denekamp (Warehouse Manager at Wasco)

“Blue CurTec containers roll along the tracks in our new automated distribution centres. It was not hard to choose these attached lid containers because they are robust, easy to handle, stackable and multifunctional. They allow Wasco to provide the best possible service which is something we value highly.”

Bart Denekamp (Warehouse Manager at Wasco)