Sustainable packaging

High-value plastic packaging and sustainability: two things which seem at odds with one another. Plastics often have a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability, but in actual fact they have a number of characteristics which make them environmentally friendly. Adopting smart product design, CurTec’s packaging enables you to make your business more sustainable and cost efficient.

The basics: sustainability of plastics
What are the sustainable characteristics of plastic? The raw materials for plastic production are naturally occurring such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and, of course, crude oil. Clearly, these materials must undergo a manufacturing process to create the final product, but this is the same as with other products such as cardboard and metal. When we look at the bigger picture, we can see that plastics can contribute to significant cost savings which also benefit the environment. Read more about ‘The sustainability of plastics’ or watch this animated video which demonstrates how plastics can contribute to a sustainable world.

Lightweight, strong packaging
A number of factors must be taken into account when choosing packaging. Few things are more harmful to the environment, and a company’s reputation, than when packaging leaks - especially where hazardous goods are concerned. Robustness is essential therefore, but other factors must also be considered such as how to avoid product impairment, loss or contamination.

CurTec’s packaging is made using high quality raw materials because your products deserve the best protection possible. Besides adding strength, the materials used also make the packaging lightweight weight means fewer CO2 emissions during transport, and lower cost.

Sustainability through smart product design
Lightweight and secure packaging is an important starting point in product design. CurTec always aims to develop smart packaging solutions which are safe, sustainable and user-friendly. For example:

  • Water and water vapour tight: All our packaging products have screw lids with a gasket. They are robust, easy to close tightly and prevent spillage and contamination of your goods.
  • Nestable: Some CurTec packaging products are nestable. High volume packaging helps maximise your shipping volume and reduces transport weight - meaning fewer CO2 emissions and other environmental pollutants. Our nestable packaging can help lower your transport costs by 30%.
  • Recyclable and reusable: CurTec strives to achieve zero waste during production. Product scrap or rejects are grinded and, if possible, immediately reused in the process. Finished products can also be reused due to their robustness. The lifespan of our UN-marked packaging for hazardous goods is legally limited to five years.

Simply having a sustainable product is not enough. CurTec sees it as its responsibility to build a sustainable business as well.

Consumer waste gives a new lease of life to crates
Consumer waste is becoming increasingly popular. This development means that materials discarded by consumers are being collected and processed into new products. Plastic consumer waste is getting a new lease of life at CurTec in the shape of crates. Read the complete article.

Plastics are all around us, yet their reputation when it comes to sustainability is largely negative. In actual fact, they have many characteristics that make them environmentally friendly and cost-effective including their ability to be reused and recycled.

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Sustainability and security are engrained in CurTec’s ethos, and are not only reflected in our high quality products but also our commitment to staff development, recycling and energy efficiency.

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