Screw top drums

Ever since CurTec started designing drums, they apply screw lid closures. Their screw top drums allow for easy opening and closing which not only improves ergonomics in a process but also reduces handling times and costs considerably. Plastic screw top drums are water vapor tight which prevents product spoilage caused by moisture ingress.To ensure efficiency in your logistic chain and to safeguard  of your goods, you need CurTec’s screw top plastic drums. These screw lid plastic containers have been especially designed to boost efficiency in any supply chain.

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Screw top drums safety and certainty

When CurTec designed its first Wide Neck Drum with screw lid closure, they thought it would make opening and closing more easy, which of course turned out to be true. However, comparing screw top closure to other closing systems in the market, it turns out that offers more benefits than just ease of use.

Compared to a clamped lid for instance, a screw lid allows saving time on opening and closing a drum. A screw top drum can also be opened and closed in a controlled way, so that product loss during removal of the lid can be avoided.

Screw lid plastic containers increase the safety in the workplace by preventing injuries because they have no sharp edges. Screw top drums also greatly improve the ergonomics in any process because they can be handled manually or by using a simple tool.

Meanwhile CurTec applies this signature closure to all its packaging lines including plastic UN pails and plastic UN jars with screw lid closure.

Why CurTec screw top drums

CurTec offers a wide range of screw top plastic drums which are available in two types, Wide Neck and Total Opening, and feature different barrier properties. Besides offering drums in standard HDPE, CurTec also created Conductive and UV safe drums, both also with screw top closure. Conductive Drums protect explosive products against sparks caused by static electricity and UV safe drums protect valuable chemicals against deterioration from UV light.

Plastic screw lid drums are used in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and food (ingredients) industry. They are appreciated because they protect its contents against moisture ingress, contamination, and tampering. Moreover, CurTec screw top drums bear a UN marking and are certified for storing and shipping hazardous materials. Last but not least: screw lid drums comply with food safety and pharma legislation.

A UN certification is not only proof of compliance but also means that screw top drums are submitted to constant quality testing. UN certificates, accreditation documents, and other proof of performance are available on request. Please contact Inside Sales.

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