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500 ml UV safe Packo

Plastic small volume container with screw lid closure and a 200 – 400 nm UV barrier
for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients

Avoid degradation of contents by UV light
Protect your valuable products against moisture, tampering and contamination
Reduce handling time
Make sure your hazardous solids arrive safely at their destination
Comply with food safety legislation


Product code4305
Capacity500 ml / 16.9 floz
Diametre opening96.8 mm
Diametre container99 mm
Total height82.4 mm
Lid colorBlack
Container colourBlack
UV barrierYes
Tamper evident featureYes
UN marking1H2/X0.7/Y1.0/Z1.5/S/--/NL/CURTEC-110503
Food gradeYes
Screw lidYes
Water vapour tightYes
Pallet quantity2415 pcs
Stock itemNo


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pijl About packaging

Hazmat protection

The transportation of hazardous goods presents a number of risks, and packaging must comply with strict UN regulations to ensure utmost safety. How do you assess which packaging is suitable and ensure regulations are met? CurTec offers free help and support to help you find the right packaging solution.

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UV light protection

UV light is all around us. Fluorescent industrial lighting sends out a UV component which has a damaging effect on the quality of packaged products, with food and food ingredients particularly sensitive to the effects of UV light.  Several barriers can be used to defend against UV light, and the easiest and most common is color.

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pijl Target markets

Specialty chemicals

CurTec provides packaging solutions to chemical companies that wish to improve the safety and security of the transport of their high value products. Sustainable solutions that not only increase your customer’s satisfaction but also allow cost reduction.

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