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1300 ml Packo with two-component lid

Plastic small volume container with screw lid closure
for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and food ingredients

Protect your valuable products against moisture, tampering and contamination
Reduce handling time
Make sure your hazardous solids arrive safely at their destination
Comply with food safety legislation


Product code4313
Capacity1300 ml / 44.0 floz
Diametre opening96.8 mm
Diametre container99 mm
Total height197.4 mm
Lid colorDark red Red Blue Green Yellow Grey White Black
Container colourWhite
Tamper evident featureYes
UN marking1H2/X1,8/Y2.0/Z3.0/S/--/NL/CURTEC-110504
Food gradeYes
Screw lidYes
Water vapour tightYes
Pallet quantity945 pcs
Stock itemYes


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Added value:

pijl About packaging

Moisture control

Keep powders, tablets or other solids in best shape. How to avoid product loss by moisture.

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Hazmat protection

The transportation of hazardous goods presents a number of risks, and packaging must comply with strict UN regulations to ensure utmost safety. How do you assess which packaging is suitable and ensure regulations are met? CurTec offers free help and support to help you find the right packaging solution.

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Tamper evident security

Manufacturers of goods such as pharmaceuticals and food ingredients need to know their products will remain safe throughout the supply chain, and as such require assurance they have not been tampered with in any way. All CurTec packaging has a tamper-evident seal, and barcodes can be attached to help keep your goods safe and secure.

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pijl Target markets


CurTec has close ties with the pharmaceutical industry. Ever since the first pharma company decided to use our plastic drums to ship their high-value products, it has been our challenge to provide the best possible packaging solution and first class service to the industry. And that strategy paid off.

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Food ingredients

CurTec understands that a packaging should be clean to avoid contamination in a process. And that it should be safe and certified for food contact.

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