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10 litre bottle

Custom designed plastic bottle with screw cap closure
for optical fibre UV coatings

Protects valuable products against contamination
Allows considerable cost savings in supply chain (transport cost)
Optimised design for UN certification


Product code9610
Capacity10 litres / 2.6 US gallons
Diametre opening72.8 mm
Diametre container215.3 mm
Total height383.5 mm
Lid colorDark-grey
Container colourDark-grey
UN markingNo
Screw lidYes


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pijl About packaging

Hygiene management

Hygiene management was once thought of solely in connection with the production of food and food ingredients, but it now extends to a number of other industries, and applies throughout the entire supply chain. Take no risk and avoid contamination by choosing the right packaging.

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Specialty chemicals

CurTec provides packaging solutions to chemical companies that wish to improve the safety and security of the transport of their high value products. Sustainable solutions that not only increase your customer’s satisfaction but also allow cost reduction.

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