Plastic UN jars

The benefits of plastic UN jars. Transporting dangerous goods is no mean feat. To support a safe transportation process, the United Nations have established a universal system, setting out clear rules for the classification, packaging, marking, and labeling of dangerous goods. All national and international regulations governing road, rail, maritime, and air transportation are based on this UN system.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Our team is happy to discuss your packaging challenges and show you a selection of our bulk packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, in addition to our high-performance screw-lid drums, pails, and of course plastic UN jars. Be sure to request a sample!

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Our (plastic) UN jar solutions

Having designed a range of top-notch screw-lid plastic jars that can be opened and closed with great ease, CurTec offers the best available quality. Our plastic UN jars’ water-vapor tight closure helps prevent product spoils caused by moisture. Additionally, our Small Volume Containers – which combine five different features – are suitable for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals, and food ingredients industries. Their tear-off strip on the screw lid shows when the contents have been tampered with, and the smooth inside of the screw-top jars allows you to remove every last drop or grain of product, thus providing you with maximum value for money. Offering high-quality plastic jars – either with or without a UV barrier – that are UN certified for solids, CurTec ensures that your hazardous materials are safely shipped from point A to B.


The fact that all CurTec drums, pails, and (plastic) jars are UN certified means that their mechanical strength is constantly verified through the performance of drop and stacking tests. They are easy to stack and user friendly, as the shape of the drum base has been adapted to the lid. Briefly put, a perfect fit and a prerequisite for proper pallet packing and securing.
CurTec continuously performs extensive quality tests on its drums and containers. If you’d like to see proof of performance, we can show you accreditation documents regarding moisture vapor transmission and transportation simulations as well as UN and DOT reports.
Would you like a well-versed party to support you in choosing the correct packaging for your shipments? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

Why CurTec?

With offices in 6 countries and 130 employees, CurTec serves a variety of industries, including pharma, specialty chemicals, food ingredients, and logistics. We offer successful drum product lines, Click Pack containers, Packo jars, plastic UN jars and Nestable drums, designed to meet specific customer needs. Moreover, the added value of our High Performance Packaging has contributed to better products and satisfied customers time and again.

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