Thanks to its modern hybrid technology the new machine is between 30% and 50% more energy efficient that a fully hydraulic machine.

Plastic is shaped by heat. Compressed air pushes the plastic against the walls of the mould which causes it to take shape. The plastic is then cooled using CO2 to retain its shape.

After the shaped (blown) product comes out of the mould, the residues are first removed from the bottom.

Then a robot moves the product to a cutting unit.

The opening of the container is cut out and neatly finished in the cutting unit.

All of the residues are collected, ground and then reprocessed. This allows us to keep production waste to a minimum.

The container is placed on a conveyor belt and is taken to the assembly department. After undergoing extensive quality controls, the product is packed and is then ready for the customer.

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CurTec builds a sustainable organisation

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